About Us

Who We Are

Hi! We’re carol and Freddy and as you might have guessed, we LOVE to travel. So much so, that we have been on the road now for over 4 years and visited over 100 countries.

Carol (me) is 26 and Freddy is 28. We both love to create content and write about our travels. If we have it our way, we will never stop this lifestyle!

I guess that makes us pretty hardcore travellers, but it’s our passion at the end of the day. And the most important thing in life is following your heart and doing what makes you happy.

So how do we afford this nomadic lifestyle, I hear you wondering…

Couple on a Train
couple embracing each other

How we Afford a life of Travel

Well, we actually make money blogging, and Travel Crush is just one of a handful of blogs that we write high-quality content on. Once we have the traffic visiting us, we then add display ads to websites which we get paid for whenever a customer clicks one. We also plug in affiliate links which are related to the content in our blog posts, and this also makes us a lot of money.

More traffic to our websites generally equals more money in our pockets and nicer restaurants for our next meals.

Interested? Thought you would be. Keep reading to find out more!